Cine Gear 2018 round up

cPRO LCS first production unit

During Cine Gear 2018 visitors got their hands on the very first cPRO production units! We also unveiled a brand new and exclusive hardware feature called the "panic" button! This unique feature allows you to override mechanical hard stops on the fly. Ideal for slate shots, or when an actor misses their mark. Don`t panic, cPRO has you covered.


cvision focus assist

Introducing the cvision focus assist: A stereo based measurement tool measuring hundreds of thousands of points per seconds. The 62˚ field of view allows you to measure key points on set and even track subjects before they come into frame. More information coming soon.


cmotion Cinefade

Oliver Christiansen introduces cmotion`s Cinefade system. 

The cmotion Cinefade system allows an operator to vary the depth of field during a single shot while maintaining constant exposure. The result is a smooth and gradual transition between a sharp and a blurry background while the foreground subject remains unchanged. This expressive and emotional cinematic effect is accomplished using the new cmotion Cinefade motorized variable ND filter synchronised to the iris motor allowing up to 5 stops of variable iris while keeping exposure constant. The Cinefade motorized filter is compatible with most ARRI Matte boxes (LMB5/25, 4x5, MB18) and is fully integrated into cmotion's cvolution LCS via the LBUS protocol. 

cmotion's Cinefade will be available to buy before the end of the year! 
More information coming soon.