cPRO update part VI

Feature roadmap

Software feature overview

What awesome features does cPRO actually offer?

With the first cPRO systems successfully delivered, we thought it`s about time for a quick overview of cPRO’s current features, PLUS features that are still to come in the next planned firmware releases.

channel selection

More than one cPRO on a set? No problem simply choose one of 14 RF channels to ensure interference free operation.

world wide certification

Not really a software feature, but it`s always important to comply with regional regulations.

USB update

We have made it easy for you to stay up to date with latest software releases. All you need is a USB. (for cPRO motor and cPRO camin updates, a CAM to LBUS cable is required)

power through USB

Shooting in the middle of nowhere and unable to charge your batteries? No problem! You can power the cPRO hand unit from any standard USB power bank.

selective brightness

Select hand unit brightness setting for any environment. Individually turn on/off or control variable brightness of the display, user buttons, knob, slider and zoom indicator.

auto brightness

Choose auto brightness or auto illumination when going from bright to dark environments. The internal light sensor will handle the rest.

lens data handling

Create, edit or delete any lens data using cmotion’s most advanced lens wizard.

auto save function

Need a break while creating a lens? No worries, our auto save function will save the latest lens creation session as long as the battery is connected.

depth of field

Only using a focus motor but have a complete 2 / 3 axis lens file? Simply set your iris and zoom values and cPRO will calculate and display the correct DoF.

user buttons

5 user assignable buttons allow you select from more that 20 functions to suite your needs and style.

user button LED feedback

Looking to assign a new user function to the cPRO hand unit? User buttons that are not illuminated are available and ready to take on a new function.

unit calculation

Using a metric lens but pulling in imperial? Let cPRO LCS do the calculation for you.

colour status indicator

The cPRO’s marker ring and iris strip clearly display their status by illuminating in 1 of 4 colours.

pre-marked focus rings

Train your muscle memory by choosing one of 5 metric or imperial pre-marked rings to use on any lens.

pre-marked iris strips

Pre-marked iris strips available with T1-Close, T2-T22 and T2.8-T22

main screen information

Jump between the main screens to view lens data, camera information, control settings or soft button assignment.

main screen short cuts

Press and hold the select button on any main screen to quick jump into the specific settings page. The fastest way to change settings or load a new lens.

vibrate function

Turn ON the vibrate function for haptic feedback when navigating the menu or display screens.

electric lock controls

Activate an electronic lock on the knob, slider or joystick to prevent accidental motor movement. Or, lock the thumbwheel to prevent accidental changes to the display screen or menu settings.

motor settings

Whether you need a super-fast focus rack, a silky-smooth zoom or a subtle iris shift, motor settings including; scale, ramp, torque and direction can be adjusted for each connected motor.

electronic lens limits

This feature provides an alternative solution to mechanical end stops by applying a digital limit to the lens rotation without effecting the mechanical ratio to the controlling knob or slider.

zoom adjustement

Whether you need your zoom to be fast and snappy or silky smooth, the pressure sensitive joystick has a setting for you with changeable speed, direction and sensitivity.

range finder* & auto focus

cPRO is compatible with most popular range finders on the market. On top of that, there are 3 autofocus functions to choose from to suit your shooting style or needs. *For range finders with serial output LCUBE-1 is required.

stealth mode

We should have called this "Gunnar" mode. When he was shooting for Amityville Horror, he asked us for a solution to mask the LEDs on his camin and motors to prevent unwanted reflection and glowing lights when shooting in dark eerie environments. So, this is exactly what stealth mode was developed for.

upcoming software features

This is just the beginning of a new era. This is what`s coming next:


camera user buttons

Assign camera user buttons to user button on the cPRO hand unit.

camera control*

We know you have all been waiting for this, and it`s coming soon! Camera control for ARRI and RED cameras. *Optional license key required.

network function*

On many big productions it is necessary to pass iris control to the Director or DIT. With network functionality, up to 3 cPRO hand units can communicate with one cPRO motor or cPRO camin. *Optional license key required.

marker settings

The lens marker function can be assigned to any cRPO hand unit function button. And, when active, the marker will be displayed on the screen and there will be an optional haptic vibration feedback. Even more marker functions to follow.

control limit

Limit the travel of the knob or slider while maintaining full rotation of the lens. Great for long but quick focus pulls and a sudden dramatic iris rack.

motor limit

Limit the rotation of the lens motor while maintaining the full range on the knob or slider. Ideal for macro shots or fine / shallow focus pulls.

lens data import / export

Create, save and share unlimited lens files. Simply import and export lens data files using a USB drive connected directly to your hand unit.

ARRI LDS import

Take advantage of the ARRI Lens Data Archive and import ARRI LDS files direct to the cPRO hand unit.

save user settings

Got everything set up just as you like it? Save your individual user settings to a USB so you can start up exactly where you left off.

Cinefade mode

Cinefade is a unique cinematic tool which lets you vary depth of field in a single shot while maintaining a constant exposure. It can also be used as a RotaPolar or a VariND filter to control reflections on the fly. The combination of cPRO and cmotion Cinefade will allow you expand your creativity on set.

4th axis control

Are 3 axis not enough? The thumbwheel on the cPRO hand unit will be assignable to control a 4th axis motor through the LBUS protocol.

camera battery alert

Not sure when it’s time for a fresh battery? The cPRO hand unit will tell you. *Optional camera interface cable required.

create lens data optimization

Are you fed up creating a lens data file for every new lens? cmotion are constantly optimizing this workflow and have a developed a new solution to speed up lens data creation by 20%.

manual calibration

Shooting with lenses not equipped with hard stops? No worries, cPRO will offer a manual calibration feature that is quick and simple.

automatic sleep mode

The sleep mode will save the cPRO battery while you are recharging yours.

more to come

Still not convinced? No worries, as we said before, this is just the beginning of a new era.