cteam & focus puller community

Update about cteam and introducing the focuspulleratwork forum

Dear friends!

 While we have been busy preparing the first cPRO sales systems for shipping to the first customers, we have also been busy behind the scenes working on ways to add more value to the international focus puller community. 

Here is a brief insight into what we have been up to, and what we are planning for the coming weeks:


1. cmotion team aka. “The cteam”: 

The cteam is a growing community of focus pullers and owner operators who own and work with our products. Anyone who owns a cmotion system, no matter how big or small it is, can apply to be a member of the cteam and create a short profile that we will share through our website. 

We are very grateful and super excited, that many of you not only work with our products on a daily basis, give us feedback on how to improve our products but also often become friends. Openly sharing your input and feedback continues to help us produce the best products to meet your needs.

 As a thank you, we want to offer even more benefits to the cteam community: 

  • With our new cteam airdrops, we will offer exclusive deals for cteam members ONLY. The first offer will be announced very soon. But, for future airdrops, members of the cteam community will be able to vote for the deal they would most benefit from.

  •  cteam members also get an exclusive 10% discount off any service and repair carried out in Vienna. Simply mention #cteam10 when sending in your system. 

  • cteam members can also pick up free giveaways from our booth during trade shows. And, be invited to exclusive cmotion events organized around major trade shows including, NAB, Cine Gear and IBC - one thing is for sure: these will become legendary ;)

Sing up for cteam

2. Community managers 



To strengthen the cteam and the cmotion community, we are looking for 1 AC`s around the world who are not only passionate about their job (aren`t we all?), but also passionate about our products and want to spread the word and help others by introducing, explaining and presenting cmotion to the international but also local focus puller community. 

Community managers will get the opportunity to work closely with our product management and marketing team on new products, features and events and, benefit from “exclusive deals” on the latest tech from cmotion. 

We are currently looking for community managers in: 

  • North America:

    • East coast

    • West coast

    • Canada

  • Central and South America:

    • Mexico, Argentina, Chile

    • Brazil

  • Europe:

    • France

    • Germany

    • Scandinavia

    • UK

  • China

  • India

  • Russia

  • Japan

  • Australia 

If you read this post and think “holy focus, how awesome is this?”, then please email clemens.hoenig@cmotion.eu and explain, why you think you should be a cteam pro member / community manager.

Speaking of community:

2. Focuspuller at work forum 


Within the coming weeks, we will be launching a forum focused on 1st ACs and focus pulling. This new platform will allow focus pullers from around the world to connect, share and access a wealth of knowledge and information related to or influencing your job as a focus puller. 

We know there are already several forums and Facebook groups out there but, with your input and support, we want to create the best possible space where you can meet, ask questions and discuss your challenges and ideas.

We will initially focus on 4-5 threads based on your feedback but will allow this to grow with further input and suggestions over time. 

Thank you and stay in focus,

Your cmotion team!