One "L" of a protocol

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One “L” of a protocol

At cmotion, we believe that the design and quality of our lens control systems and accessories is only a part of the cmotion experience. We also invest hundreds of hours in software development to ensure our products offer class leading integration and functionality through a simple yet stable interface.

 During IBC 2012, we launched compact LCS and introduced LBUS to the world. This unique protocol allowed multiple command signals to travel from a single control port to multiple devices connected together in a daisy-chain yet only responding to the signal specific to their function. I.e. motors assigned as focus, iris and zoom.

 In 2014, LBUS became the standard protocol for all cmotion products. And, since 2015, it has been built into every ARRI Alexa Mini camera allowing up to 3 cforce mini / plus motors to be connected and driven from their single LBUS connector. And now, through our continued partnership with ARRI and consultations with camera assistants from around the world, there are more that 20 LBUS compatible cmotion and ARRI products, making LBUS the most versatile and valuable lens and camera control protocol in the industry.

 Is your system LBUS compatible? Are you on the LBUS yet?