cPRO - feature announcement

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Feature announcement (13.12.2017)

confirmed features for the new cPRO line:

  • range finder compatibility

    • distance display with Cinetape (via ARRI LCUBE-1)

    • distance display with ARRI UDM (via ARRI LCUBE-1)

    • distance display with cfinder III

  • pan-bar zoom / steady zoom compatibility

  • Master Grips compatibility

  • knob solo compatibility

  • cdistance compatibility (with future software update of cdistance)

  • cworld compatibility

Feature and pricing announcement (07.11.2017)

First confirmed features for the new cPRO line:

  • Lens data 

    • Create detailed lens data files with cPRO hand unit 

    • Store up to 50 lens files on the hand unit and save many more to USB

    • Import/export lens data files from/to USB

  • Detailed lens data including depth of field range displayed on hand unit

  • Camera setting read out* (shutter, FPS, ISO, remaining play time, etc.)

  • High resolution RF motor for sensitive yet fast motor response

  • Cabled network allowing cPRO hand unit to be hardwired to cPRO camin/RF motor

*List of compatible cameras and required optional interface cable to be confirmed

  • Confirmed pricing:

    • cPRO set with cPRO motor and accessories: 6.280 EUR

    • cPRO set with cPRO camin and accessories (without motor): 4.980 EUR

We will be updating the list of features confirmed for the new and exciting cPRO line on a regular basis. Check out our homepage and social media sites for the latest announcements.