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LCUBE CUB-1 (Basic Set)

780,00 € 780.0 EUR

Range finder signal converter for ARRI Alexa Mini


cfinder III

6.420,00 € 6420.0 EUR

infrared laser range finder - range from 0,3m to over 150m (including refelctor sight)


ARRI Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1 Set

4.800,00 € 4800.0 EUR

Ultrasonic distance measuring device incl. UDM Sensor Unit, UDM Display Unit and cable UDM-Sensor 1,5m


ARRI cable UDM to UMC/CUB-1

140,00 € 140.0 EUR

Connects UDM-1 to Universal Motor Controllers and LCUBE CUB-1. Length: 1.5m/5ft.