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cforce plus Gear m0.8/32p, 60t

110,00 € 110.0 EUR

standard 0.8mm gear / 60 teeth for cforce plus


cable ARRI CLM-5-LR Motor Cable Lemo

130,00 € 130.0 EUR

Connects CLM-5 motor with cmotion camin 3M (Le 7p/right angle to ARRI motor connector - 0.7m)


Standard Clamp Console for CLM-3

370,00 € 370.0 EUR

With integrated dovetail slide. Includes magnetic inserts for use with 15mm support rods.


cable CAM-2-05

180,00 € 180.0 EUR

ARRI CLM-3 Motor cable (Le 7p/m to Le 7p/m - 0,5m) for cvolution camin


CLM-3 Gear 0.8 / 32p, 60t

130,00 € 130.0 EUR

60 tooth, 0.8 module driver gear for CLM-3


cable CAB-1

160,00 € 160.0 EUR

CBUS cable (Le 8p/m to Fi 5p/m - 0,8m) connects Cbus cvolution to all ARRI cameras with LCbus function.


CLM-4/cforce plus Rod-to-Rod Adapter 15 mm

110,00 € 110.0 EUR

15 mm rod adapter that attaches to CLM-4 and cforce plus motors


CLM-4/cforce plus Rod-to-Rod Adapter Bridge 15 mm

190,00 € 190.0 EUR

15 mm rod-to-rod adapter that attaches to CLM-4 and cforce plus motors.


WCU-4 cdistance bracket

80,00 € 80.0 EUR

Connects cmotion cdistance ultra bright display to ARRI WCU-4 hand unit.


cable LRS-4

160,00 € 160.0 EUR

ARRI Alexa Mini run/stop/power for compact ONE and compact LCS (Le 10p/m to Le 7p/m - 0,5m)


gear 0.8 for cforce motor & CLM-4 motor 50t

110,00 € 110.0 EUR

CLM-4 / cforce gear assambly 0.8 with one metal core


CLM-4/cforce plus Gear m0.4/64p, 100t

110,00 € 110.0 EUR

CLM-4 / cforce gear assambly 0.4 with one metal core


Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 (Basic Set)

1.850,00 € 1850.0 EUR

Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 basic set with Fischer cable including: CLM-5 Motor Unit (K2.0006360), Clamp Console 19/15mm (K2.0006176), Gears: 0.8 (K2.0006753). and Motor Cable (K2.0006332).


CLM-3 Motor Unit

2.800,00 € 2800.0 EUR

high quality motor for extreme conditions Driver gear, console and cable should be ordered separately.


CLM-4/cforce plus Gear m0.5, 80t

110,00 € 110.0 EUR

CLM-4 / cforce gear assambly 0.5 with one metal core


ARRI CLM-3 motor

3.300,00 € 3300.0 EUR

Arri CLM 3 motor for use with ARRI / CMOTION motor controllers. Fits 19 mm to 15 mm support rods, incl. 0.8 gear and cable CLM-3


CLM-4/cforce plus Gear m0.6, 70t

110,00 € 110.0 EUR

CLM-4 / cforce gear assambly 0.6 with one metal core


cable RRS-1

160,00 € 160.0 EUR

Standard ARRI cable RS cable for camin (Fi 3p/f to Fi 3p/m - 0,8m)