compact LCS set plus (E)


Ready to use wireless one motor control system with cforce plus motor set (upgradeable up to 3 motors)

7.640,00 € 7640.0 EUR

7.640,00 €

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compact LCS offers affordable quality, functionality and reliability.

Ready-to-use 1 motor sets are available with either a cforce mini, or cforce plus motor, but can be upgraded to a 2 or 3 motor system easily at any time.
Precise control for up to 3 motors is made possible in both, wireless and cabled configurations, through the ergonomic and easy-to-use hand unit. cforce mini and cforce plus motors provide outstanding performance and can be used in any combination through their smart daisy-chain connectivity.
The lens handling license software* allows you to create, save and display ‚real-time‘ lens data on the hand unit in a variety of colour themes to suit your shooting environment.
With a wide selection of power supply cables and optional run/stop control for all of today‘s popular cameras, compact LCS is the smart choice.

NOTE: compact LCS is now available WITHOUT MOTORS - This set is ideal for customers who already own a cforce basic, cforce mini or cforce plus motor but are looking for the additional flexibility of an additional but affordable system.

Set includes:
  • compact camin
  • compact LCS handunit with knob, joystick and rocker switch
  • lens data license key*
  • 1 cforce plus motor kit (including butterfly clamp for 19/15mm rods, 0.8mm pitch gear)
  • 1 LCB-1 cable for motor (Le 4p/m to Le 4p/m - 0.8m)
  • 1 RRS-7 cable (Fi 3p/f to AntB 2p/m - 0.8m)
  • cfast rod connector (for 19mm/15mm rods)
  • 5 marker rings
  • 2 batteries
  • battery charger
  • cstrap
  • compact travel case

The compact LCS set mini can be upgraded easily to a two or three motor control set by simply purchasing additional cforce mini or cforce plus motors and LCB motor cables.
*cworld is needed to create and transfer lens files to compact LCS. Up to 14 lens files can be saved in the internal memory of the compact LCS hand unit