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cPRO motor kit, including: Main components: - cPRO hand unit incl.: Swivel antenna plain white focus ring plain white iris strip - cPRO motor incl.: Swivel antenna gear 0.8 cforce mini Clamp Console 2 19/15mm - cstrap - 2x cPRO battery (NP-FM500H) - cPRO battery charger (EU plug) - cmotion travel case Cables: - K2.0006758 Cable LBUS - D-Tap

7.780,00 € 7780.0 EUR

7.780,00 €

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cPRO is cmotion`s most advanced lens control system offering wireless focus, iris and zoom control like never before.

The cPRO hand unit is a feature packed work horse offering ultimate control in a balanced and ergonomic design. Introducing innovative features inspired by the focus puller community, cPRO supports the needs of the most demanding focus puller. 

Not only have cmotion re-designed the focus knob with a non-slip concave fingertip moulding, the mechanical hard stops and unique “PANIC” button allows the focus puller to overrule mechanical hard stops on the fly. So, whether shooting slate or following a subject that misses their mark, with cPRO, limits don’t need to be limiting! 

The intuitive thumb wheel positioned beneath the touch display provides quick and easy access to the cPRO’s extensive menu settings even while wearing gloves. In addition, the thumb wheel can be assigned as a fully functional 4th axis controller.

 The illuminated marker ring, marker strip, user buttons and a zoom position LED display ensures cPRO provides clear information and feedback in any shooting environment. Whether using existing accessories including the cstrap or cspider, or specially developed accessories such as the perfectly balanced monitor bracket and quick release v-lock mount, the cPRO hand unit creates a new era in focus pulling .

Camera control* features are available from SW version 3.0 for selected ARRI, RED and SONY cameras.

*optional license key required

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cPRO compatibility matrix

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